What is the purpose of a website?

The purpose of a website is to turn visitors into prospects. And the way to do this is to identify the types of major users who visit your site, talk to their needs, and give them a clear step of action. The first main goal of creating a website is to attract the attention of the public on the Internet!

What is a website?
A website is one or more pages on the Internet. The pages of a website are integrated under a domain name, have a common theme and website design.
People and companies create websites for different purposes:
• sale of products and services,
• posting and finding information on the Web,
• acquiring knowledge,
• communication between them,
• to have fun etc.
Everyone finds a good reason to create a website! But in general, we can say that websites are created to provide a useful service that others will use. It can even be free, although if it’s something really sought after, you can always make money on it!

The purposes of different types of websites

  • Purpose of a Landing Page Website
    Definition: A landing page is a web page that encourages the visitor to do something. For example, we need him to subscribe to a newsletter, buy a ticket to a conference, request an offer, or download a presentation.
    Purpose: The landing page should lead the visitor to the exact place with the target ad. The purpose of this page is to turn a simple website visitor into a potential customer. There are sites like xnx that offer quality content for adults and is very successful.
  • Purpose of the Informational Website
    Definition: The information site is a large web portal, organized as a multi-level integration of various resources and services, which are updated in real time.
    The information site contains a huge amount of unique content. Sites of this type have a complex structure and navigation and contain various interactive services. Information sites are designed for a large number of visitors.

Purpose: The main purpose of the information site is to help users find the necessary information on a particular topic. Due to the special functions of the site, all the data available on the site are easy to structure and systematize, which makes working with it as efficient and convenient as possible. In this case, the information site acts as a user guide on the Web, which, compared to search engines, greatly simplifies the search for thematic materials.

  • The purpose of a corporate website (Corporate Website)
    Definition: The corporate website is the official online representation of the company. The corporate website contains comprehensive information about the company itself, the field of activity, the products and services offered. Usually, the corporate website has a product catalog and a list of additional services – a forum, surveys, newsletters and the like.
    The corporate website allows you to make calculations online, sell products, conduct marketing research and promotions, send news to visitors, receive customer feedback, organize voting and much more.
    When creating a corporate website, you should pay special attention to the design, because it is primarily an image tool. It should match the style of your company, inspire confidence in customers, partners and the media.
    The purpose of this site is to solve several problems:
    • finding new customers and partners;
    • building the corporate image;
    • finding new employees;
    • building a convenient and efficient communication with customers and partners.
  • The purpose of the business website
    Definition: A business website is a unique means of presenting and promoting your small business, regulating information flows and business processes. It is usually created for counterparties and helps streamline the operation of the company.
    Purpose: First, the purpose of a business website is to grow your existing customer base. But, in fact, it has several purposes:
    • building interaction with contractors and within the company;
    • to ensure an efficient communication with the clients;
    • offer customers the opportunity to buy goods and services using electronic payment systems without leaving their homes;
    • to inform customers about the company’s activities and about the range of services offered;
    • to attract new customers using online advertising.

Purpose of the Brochure Website

Definition: is a multi-page web resource that contains information about the company or a specific person. This is a perfect advertising image for small businesses and private entrepreneurs. Often, this site is created by people who perform a variety of services.
Purpose: the main purpose of creating a brochure site is to present customers in the company.
Unlike the classic corporate website, the brochure does not provide the customer with complete answers to all questions. It focuses on ensuring accessibility. In general, the brochure plays the role of image advertising, which provokes positive emotions, increases the company’s credibility with new customers and offers loyalty among existing ones, aiming at a promising cooperation.

  • The purpose of the Entertainment Website
    Definition: The entertainment site is intended to entertain visitors, so it relies on the provision of entertainment information, images, and interactive online services.
    You can easily see an entertainment website: bright images, animation, entertainment information, interactive chat rooms, online games, photo galleries, drawings, audio-videos and videos, etc.
    Purpose: Entertainment sites can pursue different mysterious purposes, but the main purpose is to attract visitors using bright and funny images, animation effects, and interactive services. Due to the specifics of the entertainment site, the banner and contextual advertising work here effectively, increasing the profitability of such projects.
    A fun website often includes more interactive features than many other types of websites, as millions of people visit it just to have fun and find someone to have fun with. Therefore, chat rooms and forums that involve communication between visitors are the things the entertainment site needs. An entertainment website is also a perfect place for advertising. It’s like a huge sign in the middle of a highway: a colorful banner will immediately attract the visitor’s attention and redirect him to the company’s website.
  • The purpose of the personal website
    Definition: A personal website is a great opportunity to express yourself, to promote your business or talents. Sometimes brochure sites, portfolio sites, and personal blogs act as personal sites. Usually, such a website is created by a certain person who is interested in self-promotion or individual entrepreneurs: artists, musicians, photographers, lawyers, doctors, etc. A personal site is not large, it contains personal or biographical information or information about the services provided by the site owner.
    Purpose: often, personal sites are created to promote the person, to find new customers, sponsors, employers or partners. By the way, such sites are quite cheap.
  • The purpose of the educational website
    Definition: Educational institutions are beginning to appreciate the many benefits of the global network. An educational website provides information about courses, application requirements, teachers, exams and more.
    Purpose: the main purposes of the educational site are:
    • providing wide and high quality access to existing educational products;
    • stimulating the process of creating innovative educational products;
    • contributing to the promotion of model forms of organizing the educational process;
    • providing educational and methodical support of the educational process.
  • Purpose of the E-commerce Website
    Definition: The e-commerce site allows customers to remotely select the desired products from the catalog and place orders online. With the illustrated product catalog, comprehensive descriptions and online help, the website plays an important role in the sales area.
    Purpose: The e-commerce site allows you to:
    • improving and consolidating its position on the market for goods and services;
    • increases the number of customers without high expenses;
    • increases the popularity of the brand;
    • increase profits.
  • The purpose of the nonprofit website
    Definition: Non-profit sites are projects that are not assigned to the tasks of increasing the profits of a company or organization. Such websites belong to authorities, educational institutions, social institutions, partnerships, foundations.
    Purpose: these websites are created mostly to ensure the company’s presence on the Web and, above all, these sites are informational.
  • Purpose of the Portfolio Website
    Definition: The portfolio site is a small presentation of an individual (designer, photographer, artist, webmaster) or a team, namely his talents in a certain area. Ideally, it is a creative project designed to reflect the owner’s experience and show his skills. The main element of the website is the gallery (works executed).
    Purpose: There are several key objectives for creating a portfolio site:
    • receiving orders and attracting new customers;
    • selling your works (if you offer ready-made products);
    • gaining a reputation in the industry;
    • making useful connections.

A well-designed website has many advantages:
• reducing the costs of other types of advertising materials;
• unlimited product demonstration possibilities;
• free and extremely informative feedback;
• the ability to clarify the interests of potential customers
• increasing the company’s revenues through online sales;
• platform for training and testing employees;
• a means of exchanging confidential information between offices;
… and many, many more!
In any case, if you create your site correctly, the goal will be achieved and you will bring traffic to your site!